Buying a pre construction condo Is not as easy as you think

By: Arshad Hussain

Buying a pre construction condo Is not as easy as you think

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Buying a pre construction condo is not as easy as you think

You’re shown a set of plans, you love them, you can’t wait to write a check, and you’re so stoked that you will be the owner of a spacious, new pre construction condo in a great location that you’ve somehow overlooked potential set-backs.

Such as the completion date being delayed, sometimes even multiple times. This can be a doozy on your wallet and your psyche. There have been some reported cases of new condo development completion dates being delayed as much as 2 years. And in some scenarios, you’re paying fees on your pre-construction condo before you’ve even moved in, and those fees may not even apply to your mortgage.

My goal at as your go-to for condo hunting is to help you find the best pre construction unit for you and your needs without the hassle of playing the guessing game with your move in date. Sure, there can be set backs to buying pre-constructed condos, but the list of pros are far greater than the list of cons. Pre constructed condo investments can be a great opportunity to get exactly what you want out of your buying experience, meaning you won’t have to go on a wild goose chase searching for the perfect existing unit.

As a Toronto condo expert, I wish you success with your condo choosing experience, and would be honored to take part in your decision process.