Why pre-construction condos are a good investment for young professionals

By: Arshad Hussain

Why pre-construction condos are a good investment for young professionals

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Toronto living is a pleasure that comes with great diversity due to its large population of about 2.7 million people. The Greater Toronto Area, also known as the GTA, is a goldmine of pre-constructed and fully developed condominiums. If you’re in the market for a pre-constructed condo, you’ve come to the right realtor. As an Investor in pre-construction condominiums business and VIP real estate agent for many GTA well known developers, my goal is to help you find the perfect place to lay your head.

With Toronto’s ever increasing population, it comes as no surprise that a large majority of the travelers to Toronto are young professionals seeking to invest in real estate and their futures, as Toronto residents. Many young professionals are keen on time well spent on their budding careers, this creates a desire for close-to-job markets and to spend less time fixing up a home and more time on their professions. Mowing the lawn or dealing with a leaky roof are not tasks they’d like to see on their lists. Typically costs for leaky roofs or repairing structures within a condominium building, is done so with the fees assessed by the management company. Costs are shared with other residents, and the benefit of having a management company, is that someone else handles the maintenance and upkeep of the building; leaving more time for young professionals to focus on their careers.

It is very common for condos to be more cost efficient than buying a home, and usually, with the right realtor, you can pick up a great deal on an equity building condo. Toronto’s life comes alive year-round with a diverse collection of festivals, vibrant nightlife and leisure options, and with so much to do everywhere you go, we can see why the amenities of owning a condo in the hub of such a great city, is a popular choice. The condo living lifestyle in Toronto is an excellent decision for those looking for a place to grow professionally.