Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Chintan Parikh

Arshad Hussain is an experienced man when it comes to condo investments. I met Arshad through his radio marketing and set an appointment with him. During the meeting, I found him a genuine man who values his words, he knows his market very well. There was a time when I stopped thinking about investing in condos. However, after meeting Arshad I changed my mind and with his guidance and support I invested in his recommended project and I am extremely happy with the results. For all the new condo buyers & Investors, I highly recommend you all to set an appointment with Arshad to consider your investment opportunities.

By: Michelle and Alston

My wife and I worked with Arshad to purchase our first investment property and really can’t say enough good things about him. He is humble, knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). He answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a property in this market can be daunting but working with Arshad made it as painless and straightforward as possible. Arshad recommended a good lawyer who was equally as easy to work with as he was. We are very detailed in our research but to have Arshad by our side made our decision/ purchase seamless. He did leave us with one thought, ' you should consider another investment property shortly' and we are considering it. We wish you only continued success Arshad. Michelle and Alston

By: Dr. Adam Abba-Aji

Spoke to Arshad for the first time and I was highly impressed by his honesty and professionalism. Arshad is someone I can trust with my investment. Dr. Adam Abba-Aji, Edmonton

By: Mohammed Zaki

I liked the fact that Arshad was very knowledge, friendly, and had such a good relationship with the staff of the developer. My wife went eith her usual agent, and once again failed to secure the units she requested, even though she was contacted much earlier than I contacted my agent, Arshad.

By: Talal Khan

If you are looking for a real estate professional Arshad look no further. Arshad is extremely courteous, personable, and detailed oriented. As a small business owner, I spend countless hours learning my craft to perfect my abilities at what I do. It is the only way, long term, to be successful. Arshad works the same way, which is why I can appreciate his work ethic. I've encountered many other agents deeply involved with self-marketing and brand recognition; they ignore the fact that being the best at what you do is the most effective advertising. My father and I are real estate investors, and it is safe to say Arshad is a vital part of why we are successful at finding the right homes at the right price. His advice and negotiation skills are spot on and he will simply let you know when something is not worth your time. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommend Arshad for he symbolizes the honesty, integrity and commitment that are vital to his profession

By: Ashabuddin Khan

I was a Real Estate investor before I met Arshad Hussain. However after meeting Arshad I personally felt he's different. Arshad is a man of his words. He is committed, kind, has in-depth knowledge about the downtown Toronto Real Estate Market. He always puts his clients interest first. I also found out that he's brave enough to say NO. He really wants you to buy the right real estate at the right time. Arshad is a keen observer and knows where the market is heading. I highly recommend Arshad as a real estate professional and I personally believe that any prospective real estate investor/buyer or seller who's in the process would be lucky to work with Arshad.

By: M Jariwala

By far, I received the best overall experience buying for my investment condominium in Toronto, compared to all the other industry professionals in GTA. The level of service was far beyond any of the competitors. The best part about the experience is that there is no hurry, no pressure and we are given detailed explanations on what the condo investment is all about - pros and cons. I would gladly recommend making a purchase a downtown Toronto Condo from Arshad Hussain to anyone.

By: Aamir Muhammad Raja

I wish I can find the right words to express my happiness and true feeling about working with Arshad Hussain. Arshad guided me in a genuine manner and advised me in the transparent way and because of Arshad's help and guidance I got my dream home at a wonderful location. I have also purchased another property with Arshad's recommendation and I am very happy with the results. I also recommended Arshad to my friends and they have invested in his recommended projects and they are all happy with their purchase, his professionalism, hardwork and go beyond attitude for his clients. Arshad is the BEST and he is our lifetime real estate professional

By: Sandra Hager

Thank you Arshad. I have to say both my husband and I are both feeling great to have you on our side.

By: Shahryar Saigol

I met Arshad through my friend and for us he is our life time family realtor. He is committed and focus and he knows his market. With his in-depth knowledge of the downtown Toronto condo market he can identify good opportunities. We invested in Arshad recommended project and we are very happy with our investment. He is very attentive and responsive to client's needs and concerns. Arshad is available day and night. Always ONE CALL AWAY! Make the right choice in today's real estate market. Call Arshad with our recommendation.

By: Saba

I love Toronto and believed in Toronto downtown condo market. The way i see we do have lot of potential in our city for real estate investments. However, finding the right pocket and buying at the right time with the experienced realtor who is specialized in this market is vital. I had a few meetings with Arshad before I buy. What i found,,,,,, he is very passionate about real estate and he is specialized in downtown condos. He knows downtown and his knowledge in condo investments is unparalleled. During my buying process I also found that, he really want his clients to be educated about the overall process in the very transparent way, and he tells you upfront either you are ready to invest or not. Arshad is professional, trust worthy and build long term relationship with his clients. Despite what ever time of the day it is,,,, I always find him 1 call away from me, which is amazing.. I recommended Arshad to so many of my friends and they are all happy. I highly recommend Arshad for downtown condo investment. He really brings the opportunity for you where you can Buy Low & Sell High in the future.

By: F Raja

My name is F Raja and I wanted to invest in real estate in downtown due to my kids, as in the future they will go in a university in Toronto. I have an investment banking background however downtown condos have always attracted me. I discussed my situation with Arshad and with his guidance and recommendation I have invested in one of the downtown project. I personally find him very Kind, Honest and has a personality who can go beyond for his clients. He is always one call away from us and very transparent and knowledgeable in the downtown condo investment world. I would say It's really good to see a professional like him in our circle. I have recommended him to many of my friends and they are all happy with his services. Thanks Arshad you are the best!!

By: Hina Hussain

Hi, I met Arshad through my friends referral. I was renting and wanted to buy my own unit where I can live and enjoy and at the same time, want decent appreciation of my property where I can make money. It was not an easy find, as there are buildings everywhere in downtown, I was not sure which pocket has more growth and which building has used more qualitative products. Before I met Arshad, for me all the downtown buildings were same, however after meeting with Arshad and seeing his in depth knowledge about downtown condos, I was amazed. He is specialized in downtown condos, he knows what he is doing. He found what I was looking. Arshad is committed, professional and a trust worthy person. He does his best to find the best for you, he educates you in the transparent way. I highly recommend Arshad to all of the first time buyers and investors who are looking to buy condo for their personal residence or intend to make money. For me and my family he is our life time family realtor.

By: Danish Ali

Bying a realestate to make money it's a art and require indepth knowledge and skills. We always thought that it's simple to just buy and sell the house/condo, however after meeting with Arshad our views got change. He knows his market and with his guidelines We have bought properties with him and ytd seeing a very good return of our investment. Arshad is very passionate, smart and trust worthy. I highly recommend Arshad Hussain for Real Estate investment.

By: Dr, Yazeed Al Sanad

I'm doctors Yazeed Al Sanad I meet Arshad after being referred by a colleague who had bought a property with him. I was renting in the downtown area and had been juggling with the idea of buying my own apartment for quite some time. I had met with a few Realtors before Arshad they were all fine but not really feel to be understood what I was looking for I would say Arshad strengths are he listens carefully he's kind and always make himself available all days at the week he also knew that my time to Skype properties was very limited given the nature of my work and he did outstanding job narrowing down properties that met my needs and requirements. It wasn't an easy find and i think that's were Arshad excels. He was able to address any worries and concerns I had about like risks associated with buying properties and he always presented me very transparent material and facts he gave me realistic expectations a future appreciation and he never once tried to sell property hard and always ask me to reflect on how I felt never pressured be because of the Arshad I was able to find and close live in the Condo Apartment in a two-month period. This was my first property and I really felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Arshad made himself available before throughout even after closing even help you setting up the curtains and had asked if I needed any help moving in I highly recommend Arshad as a capable competent and trustworthy Realtors and he is most definitely mind and my family's you too far for the future.